Vinegar Grenade

Vinegar Grenade

You can probably find all of the materials for this simple project in your house. When you make one of these and throw it in the air, it will explode mid-flight. The principle of this project is the same as the dry ice bomb (squeezing too much gas into too small a container). Carbon dioxide gas forms as the result of a chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda. This project is safer than the dry ice bombs because the explosion is much weaker, but you should still be careful and avoid getting the chemicals near your face.


* A. Bottle of vinegar
* B. Film canister
* C. Plastic bottle cap
* D. Baking soda


1. Make sure that the bottle cap you have will slide into the film canister. It should slide down freely, but be large enough that it can not flip over sideways while inside the film can.
2. Fill the film canister about 1/4 full with vinegar.
3. Fill the bottle cap with baking soda. Keeping the open end of the cap facing upwards, insert it into the film canister and let it float on the vinegar. The purpose of the bottle cap is to keep the vinegar and baking soda seperate until you’re ready to throw the grenade.
4. Carefully close the film canister so the vinegar doesn’t splash around. (It may be easiest to set it on a flat surface.)
5. Give the grenade a solid toss. As the grenade tumbles, the vinegar will slosh around and mix with the baking soda, quickly creating enough carbon dioxide gas to pop open the film can.
Baking Soda and Vinegar Bombs.....

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